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Genysis Labs: Redefining QA & Testing for Food Processing

Jeff Reynolds, CEO
Quality is often defined as the best business plan that any organization can have. It is the level of commitment delivered that holds the key for taking a business to newer heights without much hassle. For the nutraceuticals and food industries, quality is still a major challenge as witnessed by periodic product recalls, warning letters, and investigative reports. Companies in this sector that have robust quality management systems and processes based on quality by design platforms, understand the importance of having an expert in house testing laboratory or utilizing independent laboratories that have the competencies and proficiencies to provide testing support specific to their product categories. This is what Genysis Labs, a leading provider of testing services for the dietary supplements and foods industries, does day in and day out. Genysis Labs’ service offerings are centered around chemical and micro biological testing services using state of the art equipment.

Genysis Labs was founded in 2008 to offer testing support for the contract manufacturing arm of the parent company which is specialized in powder supplement development and delivery solutions. Soon after, the team recognized the imperative need for laboratories specialised in the development of robust and accurate methods for complex product formulations in the dietary supplement sector. Since then, Genysis Labs has been initiating investments for expansion of its laboratory operations to deliver expert testing supportto nutraceuticals and food industries.

Genysis Labs capably eliminates the challenges that often hinder the testing processesin the dietary supplement industry. “The major challenges that most of the organizations face today have to do with lack of timely, pro-active communication, quality of results and unreasonably long test lead times. The clients that choose to work with us have seen the difference that Genysis Labs made in addressing such challenges,” says Jeff Reynolds, CEO, Genysis Labs.
Over the years, the organization has served businesses ranging from dietary supplement contract manufacturers, raw material suppliers, brands and retailers to manufacturers of food products. Genysis’ incorporation of lean ideology in its laboratory processes while continuously raising the bar on the quality standards through innovation has earned it several accolades over the years.

Genysis Labs is driven by its commitment towards innovation and perfection. Thus, it has continuously worked to improve its instrument capacity by adapting to the latest available technologies. “Since the company’s inception, the laboratory facilities have quadrupled in size, with specific emphasis on acquisition and utilization of state of the art equipment for the analysis of dietary supplements,” adds Jeff, detailing the company’s vision to bring their best to the table. Additionally, the company’s analytical R&D department constantly works with its clients to develop and optimize UPLC, LC/MS/MS based methods aligned with rigorous regulatory demands of the dietary supplement industry. Most recently, the R&D team at Genysis Labs developed an innovative method to identify proteins by LC/MS/MS that provides thorough identification of proteins, a rapidly growing product category that has seen its fair share of economically motivated adulteration.

Genysis Labs capably eliminates the challenges that often hinder the testing processes in the dietary supplement industry.

The company specialises in analysis of dietary supplements, lead by its team of technical experts and managers who bring extensive experience from pharmaceuticals, bioanalytical research, natural products and environmental testing sectors. Jeff adds, “We are small enough to be flexible and responsive to our customers, but also large enough to handle large swings in testing volumes and requirements without affecting our short test lead times.” The organization in the years to come intends toexpand by continuously delivering accurate and reliable testing results to its clients within stipulated time frames. Another major focus area for the company is to innovate its testing methods and assure their compliance with regulatory requirements.


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