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QA Mentor: The Beacon of Hope for the Future of QA

Ruslan Desyatnikov, Founder & CEO
The proverb “For the want of a nail the shoe was lost. For the want of a shoe the horse was lost. For the want of a horse the rider was lost. For the want of a rider the message was lost. For the want of a message the battle was lost,” is more than just a mere metaphorical reference to a theory that is common knowledge to most. It describes how the smallest of mistakes could trigger a massive chain of events that could bring about devastation of great proportions. This butterfly effect of sorts has been the cause for major concern amongst corporate enterprises worldwide that are constantly seeking to bring down such margins of error to carry out their businesses prosperously. To this end Quality Assurance or QA has served as a vital tool to detect, analyse and rectify potential and incipient anomalies in various systems of the IT universe. Over the past two decades several organizations have been harnessing the power of QA, however the intricacies of QA and testing have been the cause of serious concern amongst them. The latter half of the 90’s saw a major boost for the QA/testing market, but there was a catch. The demographic of companies that sought this service wanted quick delivery at a low cost, a challenge that most QA/testing providers struggled with at the time. During this period of turmoil, Ruslan Desyatnikov, a Russian QA aficionado, decided to leverage his skill, talent and experience in the field to give the industry the overhaul that was much overdue. His efforts towards this end led to the inception of QA Mentor. Ruslan’s dream through QA Mentor was to serve the purpose of providing strategic consulting for the QA departments of various organizations who desperately needed support in transforming immature QA practices to enterprise level QA Organizations.

A Process Enhancer for QA/Testing

By the end of the last decade most IT companies had their own QA teams to analyse their products and services, but their effectiveness was reduced by their lack of comprehensive knowledge on the subject. It therefore became prudent for organizations to seek out partners that could help them strategize their QA processes. QA Mentor fit the bill perfectly and offered services focused on process improvement, quality assurance, and quality control along with offering assistance in strategizing and defining testing processes and methodologies.

However, QA Mentor’s entry into the QA market was no walk in the park. Apart from the aforementioned deficit of knowledge amongst companies on QA, lack of adequate resources for QA also posed a major problem. This in particular was amplified by a major demand for automated QA services. Effective automation to a great extent relied again on good infrastructure and resources, the value of which was lost on the senior management of most companies. Ruslan and his team took the initiative toward projecting the benefits of good infrastructure and the cost incentives it could incur. Through demonstrations and training programs, QA Mentor helped companies gain clear knowledge on the benefits of effective QA and also gain the upper hand in establishing a niche for itself in the market. Another primary reason for QA Mentor’s early success came from the company’s disposition towards delivering QA solutions customized for the needs of companies of all sizes.

The Perfect Business Partner for the ‘Little Guy’

The company’s contribution to the American QA industry in particular can be documented through the various business ventures it has had with the smaller enterprises and start-ups. QA Mentor has been quite successful in optimizing QA solutions to suit the budget of such small sized companies, while helping them derive the best results out of the projects. To achieve such optimization and customization of offerings, the company has 28 distinct and unique QA Testing Services at its disposal. QA Mentor’s wide reach across the globe also offers access to serve various start-ups and small scale enterprises in many parts of the world that are bereft of adequate or cost effective QA resources. A fine example for this could be seen in the company’s work with the New York based company chefmod.com, which offers mobile and web application platforms for restaurants Chefs’ various needs. QA Mentor’s venture with this company involved the enhancement of its web and mobile applications by performing functional, compatibility, performance, and security testing and automating their 2000 manual regression test cases repository. The company’s positive disposition toward open source tools for small scale project have helped its clients cut back a great extent on costs as well as derive the best result through effective implementation of such tools.

QA Mentor recently was successful in adding another powerful tool to its technical repertoire, through the acquisition of the French company Abid Consulting. The latter’s flagship product now renamed to ‘QA Coverage’ (www.qacoverage.com) is a new generation test management solution with innovative vision and workflow to manage Software Test Life Cycles more effectively and efficiently while supporting Agile implementations.This solution, which was officially launched June 1st, 2016,will have a major impact on QA Mentor’s potential for delivering QA process improvement services and improve broken QA processes within an organization. “I made a specific decision to acquire this company because I feel the market needs a new product for test management automation. QA Coverage is not only a Test Management Solution but a collaborative platform that integrates the entire IT Department throughout the Software Development Life Cycle from requirements inception to application production readiness in order to achieve superior quality. We will surprise you with the price offering because we want every QA Department in the world use this product and this will happen very soon due to a very attractive price and comprehensive features” says Ruslan. Furthermore, this solution will offer a great deal of flexibility which includes the option to purchase perpetual licenses as well as monthly and annual subscriptions for the cloud usage.
Through incorporation of requirement management capabilities, test cases management and execution, defects and risks management with agile backlog management, QA Coverage will offer companies a new edge over traditional systems.

QA Mentor also goes the extra mile in helping potential clients get a glimpse of what they could gain through its services. The proof of concept model, which is one of the seven engagement models offered by the company, enables potential clients to experience up to 40 hours of any QA testing service offered by QA Mentor from test design to scripts automation or performance to security testing for free. Ruslan personally recommends this service to all who are interested in procuring services from QA Mentor. “We want the customers to feel comfortable before they do a commitment or agreement with us,” reiterates Ruslan. Apart from free trials, QA Mentor also offers several cost incentives to clients to suit their budgets and comply with their specific needs. For QA Mentor, how ever, reduction in costs never translates to reduction in Quality. Ruslan and his team impart their full dedication to each project they handle regardless of its scale that’s why every contract includes a penalty clause for defect leakages. “We are not afraid to make commitments on defect leakages and we are ready to pay penalties for breaching them, even though it happens very rarely” stated Ruslan Desyatnikov.

Round the Clock QA Services Worldwide

QA Mentor paved the way for this passion to get amplified and make a difference on a global scale. The company today has several branches and offices around the world through which it operates and 150 QA Experts available on demand. This enables the team to serve clients based anywhere in the world 24x7. Many companies are still hesitant to jump into using offshore resources despite the lower costs and comparable skillsets. There may be multiple reasons for this, but one of them is the potential difference in time zones. In some cases when companies use offshore resources, they’re forced to wait until the next morning for answers to emails, or wait a day for documentation, or they can’t have impromptu meetings since the offshore resources may or may not actually be in the office during the client’s own working hours. QA Mentor strives to fix this issue with a new service, “Testing in Your Time Zone”. While using this service, you are provided with offshore resources that work on your preferred schedule. If you’re in California or in New York, then you will be provided resources willing and able to work during PST and EST hours, regardless of their current location. If you’ve used offshore resources, you’ve probably encountered issues trying to troubleshoot a problem but no one is available offshore. With this service, you’ll have resources who can work in parallel with your development team, talk to them on the phone, video conference, and conduct required verifications.

A Different Kind of Company, A Different Kind of Cause

Automation of QA has been of high demand in the U.S. market over the past decade or so. This service, at the level of effectiveness required for most companies, was rare to come by at the time this concept came into existence. QA Mentor’s entry into the market provided the perfect opportunity to flex its technical competence and deliver their unique brand of automated solutions by utilizing their own automation methodologies and proprietary automation frameworks. Marketing this service again was a cause for concern as most companies preferred cutting back on many of the resources as they are very expensive. To this end QA Mentor, living up to its namesake, started educating various companies on the subject of QA and its vast divisions so they can learn and pick up scripting skills without hiring expensive resources. The company started off with providing educational and training processes based on frameworks and best practices revolving around scripting concepts and the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming. Over the years QA Mentor has added several other training courses pertaining to QA with the most recent being a training e-learning course called ‘Java for QA’ for helping QA professionals to start their test automation career. In recent months the company has sold over 800 e-learning courses for various corporate enterprises to help enhance their QA automation competence. Such QA education offered by QA Mentor is highly cost effective (often ten times less that other similar trainings) and come as boons for most companies operating within a budget as well as professionals looking to improve their technical repertoire.

Over the past two decades several organizations have been harnessing the power of QA, however the intricacies of QA and testing have been the cause of serious concern amongst them

QA Mentor further sets itself apart from its peers in QA by a crowdsourcing platform offering functional, mobile, compatibility, usability testing coverage. The company currently has around 10,000 registered users proficient in their own right on the subject of QA. These users get to test various products of a non-sensitive nature such as games, web sites, and mobile applications to find anomalies, while learning and improving their technical expertise as well as earning money for defect identification. This concept has fared well with both the many users that test as well as the companies that provide the material, in a mutual benefit sort of environment. With such innovative ideas coming up, the future of QA and the IT industry in general seems to be in safe hands. When asked about his own ambitions for QA Mentor, Ruslan had one word to describe them-‘Aggressive’. “Essentially the goal is to first become the most cost effective service provider in the world, secondly to spread our methodologies, our best practices and our approaches in every single country in the world and third to continue to be an advocate of Quality Assurance and help to educate decision makers on importance of QA and no compromises on quality.” Ruslan further elaborated. This truly projects a glimmer of hope for the many start-ups out there that would like to flourish in the IT universe.

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