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QArea Inc.: Specialised Assistance for Software Designing, Development and Testing

Max Garkavtsev, Founder
Quality improves productivity. This is what a business needs to believe in, to successfully march towards its goals. Thus, to ensure that quality is sustained in every activity or process, testing remains an imperative route that directly leads to perfection. This is where QArea, a leading software outsourcing company steps in with competent solutions. Founded in 1999, the organization was the outcome of a group of skilled engineers’ vision of converting their passion for solid software into a productive start-up idea. It was the founding team’s passion, persistence and unremitting efforts that helped it establish a Quality First company, which quickly made the world known of its presence.

QArea today stands as a leading enterprise that capably assists businesses seeking testing solutions for applications and software. The company extends support for the entire software lifecycle ranging from design to development and testing besides SEO optimization and software maintenance. QArea holds extensive experience in conducting software testing of mobile, web and desktop apps with uncompromising commitment to quality. The testing department at QArea cautiously tests the software in terms of functionality and compatibility. From ensuring that an application or a website functions as intended and serves its purpose in assuring its compatibility with different browsers, the team covers everything. The enterprise fluently carries out all the testing processes with constant support from its team of testers, who serve as the real assets to the company. “QArea is proud to possess a strong team of manual testers with a good eye for detail, who are capable of undertaking any challenge you throw at them,” elucidates Max Garkavtsev, founder, QArea.
The company has always believed in sustaining its passion for quality and this is what, it assures to its clientele. And by sticking to the same idea, the team QArea has come a long way garnering a vast client base of over 500, based across geographies. It has also bagged various vital projects from Skype, Microsoft and The Huffington Post. Over the years, the organization has dealt with the major challenges of QA outsourcing, i.e., price, communication, professionalism, scalability and ability to deliver, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

QArea today stands as a leading enterprise that capably assists businesses seeking testing solutions for applications and software

Detailing the company’s approach, Garkavtsev says, “We are providing our customers with exceptional transparency. To enhance it, our team has developed a special analytics dashboard to monitor the process, tailored to meet every project’s requirements and each client’s specific needs.” The enterprise employs a custom approach to analyze each of its clients’ business needs and each project’s requirements. It maintains an innovative complete lifecycle workflow platform which performs code analysis, employee's performance analysis and gives its clients full control over every aspect or stage of any project via an analytics dash board. QArea envisions sustaining a client centric system, which brings the assurance of impeccable quality that has helped it shape its stance in the U.S. market. Consequent to its continuous efforts, the company has bagged various recognitions including the world’s top 10 development companies according to Clutch, International Network Microsoft Gold Partner and Drupal Association Organization Member. Further, in the future, the company aims to contribute to the areas of IoT, VR, AR, Big Data and strengthen its presence in the markets of USA and GB. Besides, QArea will consider expanding to healthcare, technology, retail, e-commerce, travel and insurance sectors during the years ahead.

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