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QASource: Renovating the Testing Industry with Innovative QA Methodologies

Rajeev Rai, Co-Founder
The need for quality testing methodologies has made companies look for experts in the field who can produce the best QA testing strategies and go on to implement them through out the development life cycle. A highly rated testing partner has become vital for companies to fulfill the quality requirements of software projects. QA testers ensure that an enterprise's software product is reliable, accurate and performs optimally when released in the market. With their penchant for identifying complex software issues, these organizations have improved quality and productivity of software products. One leader among them is QASource, a software testing company known for its cost effective, high quality and customized QA services.

QASource’s influence in the testing industry has grown steadily owing to its software testing best practices, strong communication, first-rate security, excellent reliability, and five-star testing tools and processes. QASource helps clients to automate QA processes so they can eliminate as much manual testing as possible. By executing strategies, processes, and teaming testers with developers, QASource has been transforming the QA department from a cost center to a value center. The company’s new QA outsourcing methodologies drive visibility, metrics, better business decisions, better team integration, higher quality and faster speed to market. Rajeev Rai, CEO, QASource says, “With QASource, QA is no longer seen as only a burden that has to be done, but as a function that incorporates speed and quality into the product.”

Amplifying the Benefits of Using Software Testing

QASource’s Automation testing tools that drive quality and optimize costs are an important component of the company’s service offerings. QASource’s automation testing services help clients to uncover new errors in testing processes, almost immediately after a developer checks in the code. This streamlines the development process, saving money in a manual effort at the end of the cycle. It also increases the quality of the code being submitted. Using maintainable and robust test frame works and scripts, QASource executes automated tests for software projects in a short period of time.

In addition to automated testing services, QASource also offers other QA services to help its clients. QASource’s Performance testing maintains quality and cost, enabling IT organizations to create customized solutions to test applications and servers. In addition, the company’s API (application program interface) testing services improve the coverage of test cycles, mitigates risks to deliver more at lower cost, and results in faster, more efficient releases. With QASource’s API testing techniques, clients can access all the functionalities of the product with a relatively small investment.
With modern technological trends coming up in the arena of software testing services, it has become essential to gauge what new developments are likely to meet customer needs. QASource’s innovation lab constantly evaluates the best new technologies in the market, and teams assists in promoting these technologies to maximize client’s investments more quickly. “Some of the historic initiatives that we injected into our organization early were mobile, agile, cloud testing, and security,” said Rajeev. “Now these are core product offerings that enable our clients to grow and deliver quality products quickly.”

A Stand out in the Testing Domain
Rajeev says, “QASource has never lost a customer for doing a bad job. This is because we have always been responsive to their needs and strived in doing a good job for them every time. That is some thing that I am very proud of.” By staying true to its customers and employees, QASource has shined as a global testing services provider driving value, quality applications, speed to market, and happy engineers. Rajeev further adds, “Every thing we do is focused on two questions: (1) How does this action help us take care of our customers better, and (2) how does this action help us take care of our employees better?” The company’s innovative approach is the key that has unlocked new capabilities, new tools and technologies and unique testing solutions

QASource has even built tools or processes for customers in the toughest of conditions. For instance, many years before there was mobile automation, QASource marked its ascent in the market by creating its own proprietary iOS automation tool. Rajeev says, “Today, we are building a dash board that can take any bug base, CI, automation tool, etc. and publish the results to the client in an easy-to-read fashion.”

QASource has handheld many companies in the Finance, Healthcare, and Education industries by guiding them in the deployment of configurable, efficient, secure and scalable SaaS products. The company performs integration testing, performance testing, security testing, and configuration testing as well as manual testing for both the SaaS infrastructure and the application.

QASource's innovative approach is the key that has un locked new capabilities, new tools and technologies and unique testing solutions

QASource is set to grow 20-30 percent every year, and will continue to innovate and develop best practices to help customers get their products out faster, more cost-effective, and to meet market needs. In his concluding remarks, Rajeev reveals why QASource has been so successful and piling up clients around the globe, “If you are a CIO or CTO and are looking for a certain QA methodology or a certain programming language, there will be many companies who can provide that to you, and QASource would be one of them. How ever, if you want to ensure you get real value from that specific QA methodology or that specific engineer, you will want to try QASource.”

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