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25 Most Promising QA/Testing Services Vendors - 2015

AFour Technologies: Where Automation meets QA Strategy

The intricate nature of IT infrastructure today commands a need for organizations to gain ample amount of insight on the various developments within the industry.
Subodh Parulekar, CEO
To this end, specialists in individual sectors of the IT industry can render invaluable contributions that help companies adapt to the environment it encloses. With various businesses today leaning toward one stop solutions for all their technology concerns, services offered by individual specialists have become rather obsolete.AFour Technologies offers the perfect combination of services which incorporate all the necessary elements required to navigate through the IT industry. As a conveyor of QA and testing services, AFour combines the four attributes which compose its name- Agility, Automation, Attitude and Aptitude to deliver all the necessary services and strategy required to develop and break a product into the market.
The strategy and consulting service offered by AFour in QA serves as the preparatory stage in the development process where clients are given a detailed assessment on the tools, processes and frameworks that they are implementing for their QA process and ensure that the products they deliver thereby meet the standards dictated by the market experts. AFour also offers a QA leadership service which provides a new edge over the conventional methods of QA analysis. In this process, the company works hand in hand with its clients as their QA partners, offering them a team of QA specialists who can guide through the company through all their QA concerns and aid them throughout the life cycle of the product development process. As a firm that provides both consulting and operational services AFour has carved a niche for itself through the wide areas of expertise it covers within the QA and IT industries and it continues to expand its influence throughout the U.S. as a provider of QA and testing services.

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