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25 Most Promising QA/Testing Services Vendors - 2015

Hurix Systems: Innovating Digital Learning through Technology

The ascent of the digital media era has influenced the global education system to a level that was unperceivable to the people a couple of years ago. And now with software integrating itself with almost every aspect of the human life, its influence on the education system is also profound. With such a huge list of industries and institutions depending on software, QA naturally becomes an integral part of the software life cycle. Among others, Hurix Systems was founded with the intention to quell QA issues faced by the digital media and education sector.
For the last 15 years, catering to the clients based in the digital media domain, Hurix developed its own testing centre of excellence through which its QA team was able to take up external assignments. Later, as their QA team grew and gained knowledge and experience, they started expanding its services into other domains to render QA services. Over the years the organization’s QA competence has evolved and has become a core focus for their future growth.
Hurix has established a highly efficient QA service offering which is independent. “Quality Assurance is not just a service but an independent practice, empowered to deliver the highest quality”, says Hurix co-founder and CEO, Subrat Mohanty.
He ensures that the QA services that the company provides are top notch and ensures this by keeping a constant line of communication with the Head of Quality Practices. With an entire standalone team of QA experts dedicated to
Subrat Mohanty, Co-founder and CEO
the service at its disposal, Hurix can ensure that all the software verticals such as Apps, web applications and products get 360 degree focus during their service delivery.

Quality Assurance is not just a service but an independent practice, empowered to deliver the highest quality

A key part of Hurix’s QA service is the e-Learning/courses/publications verification. The content and QA teams ensure that the content appearing on a web page can be easily comprehended by the readers and that they are able to interpret the exact meaning conveyed in the content. The team of Instructional Designers, Content Developers, Animators, and Graphic Designers at Hurix’s disposal ensures that the content meets the requirements of the core aspects such as language, grammar, spellings, usability, functionality, navigation, SCORM compliance, 508 compliances, etc.
Apart from content and media QA services, Hurix also offers a complete gamut of QA services which include functional testing, performance testing, content QA, mobile app testing and test automation. The company distinguishes itself from its competitors in two major aspects- one being the in-house expertise of the company in e-learning, ecommerce, web-based and mobile application testing as well as automation testing and the other being its independent QA practice that brings in top management support and objectivity. These together allow Hurix to render QA services that ensure organizational compliance, faster turnaround times, and efficient delivery models, for better productivity.
Having achieved four Brandon Hall awards in its 15 years in the market, Hurix has established itself as the preferred thought partner for future market leaders in the education and content business. The company now intends to adapt itself to the fundamental transformation that the global content industry is going through. The company also intends to extend its horizons in the fields of test automation and continuous integration to cope with the changing scenarios of Agile and Dev-ops.

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