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25 Most Promising QA/Testing Services Vendors - 2015

iBeta Quality Assurance: Delivering high-end Quality Services

Rapidly changing business landscape demands a constant influx of software products and technologies. Of late, products built around cloud, and mobile technologies are replacing existing products in an unprecedented way. In such a situation, it becomes imperative to protect a customer’s vital data and ensuring product quality. iBeta Quality Assurance Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1999 to assist companies in ensuring quality in their software products.
Headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, the company provides specialized software testing services. Its list of services includes Web Testing, Mobile Testing, Security Testing, Load/ Performance Testing, Biometric Testing, and Game Testing services. It caters to corporate business houses, education, entertainment and government agencies.
The company’s quality of deliverables, its transparency in work process and its seamless integration into client’s processes have helped it gain industry wide recognition. In order to upgrade their engineers’ skills, the company imparts regular training programs. The quality software engineers of the company are well versed in agile methodology as well as in other traditional methods, a factor that adds to the company’s core competency and to its prowess to deliver efficient solutions that cater to diversified verticals.
Armed with 200 skilled employees, iBeta has a quality process that covers functionality testing, compatibility testing, automated testing, load and performance testing, data conversion testing, usability testing, mobile device testing, console certification testing, handheld testing, game play testing, localization testing, beta test management and user guide testing.
Glenn Kletsky, President & CEO

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