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25 Most Promising QA/Testing Services Vendors - 2015

JONCKERS: The Harbinger of Linguistic Testing

One major challenge in IT’s history is the creation of software that works in every language, for every major market around the world. Ensuring usability and quality across key markets is a problem that requires people, process and technology – and creating processes that allow all simultaneous shipment to all markets exacrbates that issue. All this has created a dire need for effective software QA testers, localization testers and the technology and process infrastructure to suport them. Founded by Marc Jonckers in 1994, this Brussels and Colorado QA Company is one of the pioneers of global software QA. Marc’s intention was to create a company that incorporated the unique element of global delivery into engineering and testing services. From inception, the company ensured a one stop solution to bring product to market… wherever those markets were.
Catering to a highly sophisticated class of business (those that want to deliver their products globally), JONCKERS supports the need to deliver products and services that meet the requirements of local markets. JONCKERS operates at the nexus of marketing and R&D – supporting locale-specific usability and localization testing – to drive user adoption. JONCKERS offers testing services which provides its clients with the necessary edge required to succeed when put into market – whether that is B2B or B2C. This ensures a product with attributes that can be comprehended by the local consumers and meet the standards of any market outside the United States. Peter Smith, JONCKERS CEO elaborates, “Locale-specific testing provided by JONCKERS is the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your prospects and customers have culturally acceptable products, with marketing messaging that supports it.”
The nineties and naughties bore witness to a huge transition in the business world. Organizations of all levels had to cope with this change in trend by increasing the speed of service delivery. It was also the time when all companies – small, large or conglomerate – had the ability to crate and distribute global products. To support the newly emerging class of customer, JONCKERS too had to. According to Smith, the company developed a follow- the-sun model that allowed 24/7 operations from centers in Asia, Europe and
Peter Smith, CEO
the Americas. Each centre has the capability of operating as a fully functional test and engineering center, but when combined, offers the technology integrated FTS model that JONCKERS calls “Concierge”.
According to Smith, “Concierge ensures that our testing infrastructure is able to operate 24/7, and able to allow for any commercially viable locale on the planet”. While establishing markets offshore is a cost effective business strategy, there are limitations. Most companies have their own centers of intellectual capital – R&D locations or divisional headquarters for example. The ideal integrated QA and test environment does not ignore these, it capitalizes on them. JONCKERS capitalizes on its customers own centers of intellectual capital through a codified process of ‘Smart Shoring’, dividing the work between intellectually creative centers paired with the customers own and that which can be sensibly replicated in offshore Centres of Excellence. This pragmatism supports JONCKERS approach to business. As Smith says, “We are always looking to create cost effective solutions that enable our customers to address their markets faster and more effectively than ever before.”

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