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Orasi: Elevating Quality Standards through Continuous Delivery

Today’s competitive market-space has given rise to highly speed hungry breed of consumers that seek outcomes delivered at high speeds.

The IT industry especially is host to a whole horde of such clients who expect their IT services to be delivered promptly without sacrificing the core factor of quality. In such a market Orasi Software provides the perfect difference maker. Started in 2002 this QA service provider has found the perfect service model through which is designed to deliver results that surpass the market standards.
President & CEO, Nick Kevdellas,Orasi-Software-IncNick Kevdellas, President & CEO
A core part of Orasi’s service model is the continuous delivery service which focuses on ensuring continuity in the software development process by continuously integrating, testing, and delivering new applications. Orasi, through this process undertakes the entire software lifecycle for its clients using its quality engineering integration model and selects the best mix of software quality engineering tools and processes required for the project.
Another key highlight of Orasi’s services is the 3-Tier Software Testing Services. This involves three different types of testing models- On-Site Consultants, Rural Software Test Engineers and Offshore Software Test Engineers. Each service model offers a different option for testing personell based on skill set and experience required for the development process. This enables the client s to choose the right mix of resources to suit their requirement and budget. Apart from these services Orasi also offers Functional and Performance Testing Services along with Security services which enable the clients to choose from a wide variety of options and find solutions to their QA and Testing needs. Orasi also maintains an open line of communication with its clients which aids the them in understanding and implementing the process efficiently.
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Orasi Software Inc

Nick Kevdellas, President & CEO

A software reseller that provides full life cycle software QA services through market leading test services

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