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25 Most Promising QA/Testing Services Vendors - 2015

25 Most Promising QA/Testing Services Vendors - 2015

Technology industry is transforming the way organizations operate. Rapidly changing business dynamics and heightened competition has only ensured that tech industry continues to innovate at the same pace. Today, new technologies are hitting the markets every day. At the same time, proven technologies that are already deployed and functional are slowly phasing out. The interoperability of new technologies with the existing ones presents serious challenges to product development companies. They need to be sure to deliver on product requirements, ensure quality and not disturb the existing workflow of the clients. Following a stringent Software Quality Assurance process is the only option they are left with. Advent of new technologies have thrown open innumerable opportunities for the Software Quality Assurance (QA) industry.

Today, product development companies understand the dire need to involve QA engineers in qualifying their products. QA expertise helps them to identify and resolve any undesirable code or compliance issues well in advance. Only a good understanding of the product deliverables and a rigorous test process to qualify the requirements can ensure quality of the product. Burgeoning QA consulting industry is out to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Over the last few months, editorial team of ESoutlook has rigorously evaluated hundreds of Quality Assurance Companies on their competencies and deliverables. Based on that, we have picked up those Vendor’s who understands the client’s processes and are able to align well with them from the beginning of the software development life cycle. This issue of ESoutlook brings to the table the 25 Most Promising QA/Testing Companies in the industry.

25 Most Promising Quality Assurance Providers

Top QA and Testing Companies

A provider of Performance testing and Test Automation Services


A Software testing and Quality Engineering Services Provider


A provider of Software and Prototype Testing services


A provider of Beta tesing and Gamification services through a White label platform


Cigniti Technologies

Cigniti Technologies

A provider of independent software and IP testing services

An onshore software testing service provider that specializes on offsite functional testing


An Engineering, Software and Network services provider that specializes in IV and V functional testing


A Software testing company that specializes in Co-located testing services, Software Testing Services, Test Automation, Agile Automation, HP QC Training, HP QTP/QC Customization, Test Automation Accelerator and Requirements Testing Framework


High Energy Electrical Testing Inc

High Energy Electrical Testing Inc

A full service testing company that focuses on electrical and electrical equipment testing

A technology based solutions provider that specializes in e-learning, eCommerce, web based application testing and automation testing


A provider of on demand software testing services whose services include QA, functionality testing, mobile testing, performance testing, performance testing, acceptance testing and test plan engineering


A software testing provider that focuses on delivering full life cycle QA and application testing services along with QA outsourcing consulting services


Independent QA/QC Services Inc is a company that caters to the QA and QC needs of the organizations in the semi-conductor, power, bio-pharmaceutical, solar and petroleum indutries


A multiple IT services provider that also specialzes in Test process development, smart shoring, linguistic testing and functional testing


An QA service provider whose service offerings include Functional and Non functional testing, test maturity consulting, test automation factory and lifecycle acceleration services


A QA services provider that provides test planning and QA process, functional and regression test execution and Automation testing services


A software reseller that provides full life cycle software QA services through market leading test services


An Independent software testing provider that focuses on functional testing, usability testing, Security testing and mobile testing amongst other QA services


A QA consulting and services provider whose services include Architecture Inspection Service, Test Automation Framework design services and testing centre of excellence establishment services among others


A QA LLC that provides new project support, SCAMPI team support, nearshoring consultancy and various other QA consulting services along with QA architechture services and test management services


A nearshore custom software development consultancy that provides QA testing, IT outsourcing and Application configuration


A software tester that provides Test Automation, Performance Testing, functional testing and security testing services


A QA tester that specializes in Cyber security, independent testing, process improvement and IV and V services


An IT services provider that specializes in QA/testing, Infrastructure engineering and Knowledge process outsourcing


A QA tester whose major focus is .NET development services, functional testing and test automation and performance and security testing services





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